Registration for our next Mommy Marke 
is closed.
We hope you'll come shopping
for some great deals on
Saturday, October 10th
from 9am - Noon
Are you thinking of cleaning your attic and closets?

Do you have a lot of kid stuff that’s in great shape and needs a new home?

Do we have the event for you!

The North Wales Elementary School Select Choir will be hosting a Mommy Market, and you should be there!

When is the Mommy Market?
Our next Mommy Market will take place on Saturday, October 10, 2015.
Where will it be held?
At North Wales Elementary School
How does a Mommy Market work?
You register and rent a table or space where you can sell gently used children’s clothing, toys, books and other child related items. Items for any age child are appropriate, as parents of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school age children will be shopping.
How much does it cost?
Table rental is $15.00.
Rental for an empty space is $10.00.
Admission (for shoppers, not sellers) is $1.00.
Who keeps the money from my sales?
You do.
Who does this benefit?
A lot of people benefit from this:
  • The North Wales Elementary School Select Choir benefits from table rentals and admission
  • Sellers benefit from money earned, and get first dibs on the merchandise during our Pre-Market Sale from  8:30 – 9:00, not to mention clean attics!
  • Buyers benefit from great stuff at a great price
How do I register for the Mommy Market, and who should I contact if I have questions?
Registration for this Mommy Market is now closed. 
If you have questions regarding the Mommy Market or would like to be added to our mailing list, contact Tracy Calvaresi at North Wales Elementary School via e-mail: 



Last Modified on October 5, 2015