• Information Regarding Incident at Pennfield Middle School

    On Thursday, January 17, it was reported that two Pennfield Middle School students were seen by classmates each in possession of an Airsoft pellet gun the previous day.  Both students were immediately met as they arrived at school today and a pellet gun was confiscated.  The pellet guns were NOT operational at any time and the students did not threaten anyone at anytime.    

    Students at the school were never in danger. It is the priority of the North Penn School District to ensure the safety of our staff and students at all times. The students who reported the situation, as they are always instructed to do, should be commended for following the procedures NPSD has in place for keeping our schools safe.

    Airsoft is a recreational activity, similar to paint ball, in which participants shoot spherical plastic pellets at each other. The Airsoft pellet gun uses either a spring or compressed air to project the pellet. 

    The students will be disciplined according to the NPSD Discipline Code.