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    Benefits of Healthy Celebrations


    Healthy Kids Learn Better: Research clearly demonstrates

    that good nutrition is linked to better behavior and academic

    performance. To provide the best possible learning environment

    for children, schools must also provide an environment that

    supports healthy behaviors.


    Provides Consistent Messages: Providing healthy classroom

    celebrations demonstrates a school commitment to promoting

    healthy behaviors. It supports the classroom lessons students

    are learning about health, instead of contradicting them.

    Healthy celebrations promote positive lifestyle choices to reduce

    Student health risks and improves learning.


    Promotes a Healthy School Environment: In order to positively

    change eating behaviors, students need to receive consistent,

    reliable health information and ample opportunity to use it.

    Healthy celebrations are an important part of providing a

    healthy school environment.


    Creates Excitement About Nutrition: Children are excited

    about new and different things, including fun party activities

    and healthy snacks (see back for ideas). School staff and

    parents need not worry that children will be disappointed if

    typical party foods aren’t served in the classroom. Holiday

    treats and traditional birthday parties with cake will still be

    available at home.


    Protects Children with Food Allergies: When parents send in

    food, it is difficult to ensure the safety of children with food

    allergies. Schools can protect food allergic children by providing

    nonfood celebrations or, if food is served, obtaining it from

    known sources such as the school food service program.