• Fundraising & Student Financials

    Current/Upcoming Fundraisers 


    Ongoing Fundraisers


    Fundraising Committee

    Are you interesting to join the fundraising committee? We are looking for adult volunteers to organize some events. Please contact Anita Schwartz at npma.fundraising@gmail.com if you are willing to help.

    Student Financials

    The end of band season is quickly approaching, please note that at this time ALL fees and accessories should be paid in full. Any questions please contact npma.studentfinancials@gmail.com.
    Before making your payments, please check your CHARMS accounts for student credit. You must have enough credit in CHARMS to cover the full payment. Then click on 'Transfer Request' to apply your credit to an upcoming payment.

    Charms Accounts

    Charms is a database used to track financial information students involved in the North Penn music programs. Each student has an account which will allow them to view their personal data. Parents need to access the account and complete the student information page. You should check the account regularly to see whether payments are due and how much Student Credit your child has earned.
    Please contact Jenny Platt with any questions regarding Student Financials at NPMAStudentFinancials@gmail.com.