• School Nutrition Services

    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


    1.     What constitutes a school lunch and what is my child required to take to make a complete school lunch?


    North Penn School District, School Nutrition Services follows the Traditional school lunch pattern with Offer vs. Serve option.


    The Traditional school lunch pattern requires School Nutrition Services to offer the following menu options.  Offer vs. Serves requires the student to take at least three (3) of the five (5) menu options.  In addition every student must take at least (1) fruit or vegetable to make their meal complete.

    ·         1 Serving of meat or meat alternate

    ·         2 servings of fruit and/or vegetables

    ·         1 serving of bread or bread alternate

    ·         1 serving of milk


    2.     How will I know when my child needs more money in their account?


    It is the parent's responsibility to keep their student's school meal account up to date.  School Nutrition Services sends home       periodic messages indicating when the school meal account is low and/or negative.



    3.     How can I find out my child’s account balance?


      Visit www.schoolcafe.com to view and make payments on your student's account.  You can also apply for free and reduced priced   meals.


    5.     How many snacks are the elementary children allowed to purchase at lunch?


    The children are allowed to purchase two snacks only.  If a parent requests, we are able to put a notation next to a child’s name stating NO SNACKS or ONE SNACK.


    6.     How does a parent apply for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program?

                 Parents/Guardians can apply online at www.schoolcafe.com. 



    7.     Will any other student know if my child is on the Free and Reduced Lunch Program?


    No, each child uses their individual student ID number at the point of sale.  Federal law prohibits overtly identifying a student by his/her meal eligibility.


    8.     What are the prices for lunch and individual food items?


    Please see the current price list posted on the North Penn website at www.npenn.org.  Go to the Central Office, School Nutrition Services; School Meal and Ala Carte Price List.

    Elementary School Price List
    Middle School Price List
    High School Price List  

    9.     Where can we find the nutritional information for the lunches?


    Nutritional information on specific items can be obtained from the School Nutrition Services office or the School Nutrition Service webpage at www.npenn.org.  Go to the Central Office, School Nutrition Services; School Menus. 




    If you would like to email the School Nutrition Services office, please send your comments to School Nutrition Services.