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Here's to a happy healthy Spring/Summer! 
Reminder with the warmer weather to encourage the use of sunscreen during outdoor activities.  Protective clothing and hats are helpful to prevent sunburn and avoid ticks.
IMPORTANT 2017-2018 school year please check with your child's health care provider regarding new immunizations required by the fifth day of the new school year; Pennsylvania regulations state there is a risk of exclusion if children do not have all of the proper immunizations.
Please send the nurse at school- a copy of any new and updated immunizations.
 If your child needs medications to help during allergy season, please send them to school with a note from parent if over the counter and a note from the doctor if prescription. If your child takes a prescription medication, please send in the first day of school with a current doctor note and parent note for the school year.
Please remember to send in the following state mandated forms to the Health Suite:
Kindergarten/First: Physicals and Dentals
Third grade: Dental forms
6th Grade: Physical and Scoliosis forms
Anytime your child has immunizations/vaccinations please request a copy of what your child received and send to School Nurse.
We accept Physical and Dental forms that are due from September of the previous school year.
Please note that you can obtain copies of Medical, Dental, Medication forms on the website under for families and then health forms.
Thank you,
Kate O'Brien, School Nurse
Barb Shadle, Staff Nurse
Fax- 215-853-1936