• North Penn School District Elected Board of School Directors

     Photo of NPSD Board of School Directors.
    The North Penn School District Board of School Directors welcomes questions and comments from the community. To that end, community members may email the entire Board at _npschoolboard@npenn.org.
    PRESIDENT - Martina (Tina) Stoll
    Term Expiration: 2021
    Contact Tina Stoll by email at stollti@npenn.org.
    VICE PRESIDENT - Edward Diasio
    Term Expiration: 2019
    Contact Edward Diasio by email at diasioe@npenn.org.
    Christian D. Fusco
    Term Expiration: 2021
    Contact Christian D. Fusco by email at fuscocd@npenn.org.
    Jonathan M. Kassa
    Term Expiration: 2021
    Contact Jonathan M. Kassa by email at kassajm@npenn.org.
    Jenna A. Ott
    Term Expiration: 2021
    Contact Jenna A. Ott by email at ottja@npenn.org.
    Theresa Prykowski
    Term Expiration: 2019
    Contact Theresa Prykowski by email at prykowtw@npenn.org.
    Juliane Ramić
    Term Expiration: 2019
    Contact Juliane Ramić by email at ramicjd@npenn.org.
    Mark W. Warren
    Term Expiration: 2021
    Contact Mark W. Warren by email at warrenmw@npenn.org.
    Steve Skrocki, Secretary
    NPSD Chief Financial Officer
    401 E. Hancock St. Lansdale, PA 19446
    Contact Steve Skrocki by email at skrocksb@npenn.org.
    Frank Bartle, General Counsel
    Dischell Bartle Dooley
    1800 Pennbrook Parkway, Suite 200 Lansdale, PA 19446
    The North Penn School District provides public education and strives to meet the educational needs of the residents of Hatfield, Lansdale and North Wales borough; the townships of Hatfield, Montgomery, Towamencin and Upper Gwynedd; and the village of Line Lexington.