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    School Nutrition Services Department
    Melissa L. Froehlich, SNS
    Coordinator of School Nutrition Services 
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    Check out these quick nationwide stats around how things are changing for
    the better when it comes to school meals!
    • 10% sodium reductions.

    • Grades K-8 receive ½ cup and grades 9-12 receive 1 cup servings of fruit per day.

    • Grades K-8 receive ¾ cup and grades 9-12 receive 1 cup servings of vegetables per day.

    • Most products made with 51% whole grain are offered daily for breakfast and lunch.

    • Calorie limits for lunch are between 550-850 based upon age.

    • Calorie limits for breakfast are between 350-600 based upon age.

    • Schools buy American grown and produced products.

    • Schools must offer 3-3/4 to 5 cups of vegetables per week for lunch, including vegetables that are dark orange/red, dark green and beans/legumes.

    • School meals have a weekly average of less than 10% saturated fat and 0g of trans fat.

    • Schools must offer milk daily and offerings consist of low-fat and fat-free.