NORTHBRIDGE SCHOOL

The Northbridge School is an additional pathway for North Penn School District students who could benefit academically from a smaller school setting and specialized instruction aimed at helping students meet yearly academic requirements and make up lost credits.

Northbridge School can educate up to 100 students in grades 9-12.  Most students are referred from the district’s secondary schools, and Northbridge strives to support their progress academically and in school/work appropriate behaviors. 

The mission of Northbridge is to embrace the diversity of students’ social, emotional, physical and academic needs while utilizing innovative strategies that foster responsibility, self-motivation and self-monitoring in a safe, supportive and small learning environment.

Northbridge prides itself in having a dedicated staff ready to teach and support the needs of all students who are recommended into the program. The school includes regular and special education teachers, classroom assistants, a nurse, a guidance counselor and a behavior specialist  and is also supported by two home and school visitors.

The secondary instructional program teaches students grade appropriate courses in the core content areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Reading.  Encore content areas, which are also part of the school’s program, include health and physical education, technology education, art, and career development.

The hallmark of a Northbridge education is the opportunity for students to participate in a small school setting and depending on the level of academic proficiency some students can earn two credits in English and Math.   Students then have an opportunity to acquire the necessary credits to graduate with their same age peers.  The school uses and instructional model that is focused on individualized pathways to learning including a robust computer-based model for curriculum, instruction and assessment in multiple content areas.

Northbridge operates during the normal school hours of 7:45 AM to 2:05 PM and follows the calendar of the North Penn school District.  Students arrive at school and return home each day via school district transportation.

Northbridge provides and educational atmosphere of hope, the skills necessary to be productive and an opportunity to succeed.

Kyle A. Hassler
Northbridge School