What is Northbridge School?
    Northbridge, a credit recovery school in the North Penn School District, is designed to support students who are struggling academically in grades 8-12. While at Northbridge, students are able to recover credits while receiving individualized support in a small classroom community. Northbridge serves a maximum of 100 students – each with an individualized learning path which is established during their intake meeting. This individualized learning path outlines both the supports that will be in place for the student and a plan to maximize the number of credits the student can earn during their stay.  Northbridge offers students a minimum of 7.3 credits with a focus on the major subjects (Math, Science, English, Social Studies). In addition to major courses, Northbridge offers Art Minor, Tech Minor, Health/PE and College and Career Readiness.

    Northbridge students benefit from additional academic support and a smaller environment with more personalized instruction.  Northbridge teachers utilize hybrid learning to introduce curricular material through multiple modalities to reach students with various learning styles and increase engagement for students who are lacking motivation.  The smaller community setting and use of Restorative Practices helps to create a culture where students feel a sense of belonging and safety, which can lead to reduced anxiety and renewed focus.