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    Gwyn-Nor Elementary School
    Home & School Association
    Welcomes You!

    The Home and School is a group of volunteers who work together with parents, students and staff to enhance every student's experience throughout the school year. We raise funds to support student enrichment, learning opportunities, school equipment and supplies, and fun social activities. We have an exciting year planned for Gwyn-Nor students and families.

    We hope you can participate
    and contribute to the success of our students! Together we can make a difference!

    Check the website often to find out what's happening at Gwyn-Nor.  Check the Weekly Communicator Page which is
    also sent via e-mail to find out what is happening this week and this month.
    Please contact us with questions, comments, or suggestions.
    We welcome your feedback!
    2017-2018 Executive Board Members

                                   Dottie Cappel                       President                        gwynnorpresident@gmail.com                            

                              Anne Lao                              VP of Events                                      gwynnorevents@gmail.com 
                                   Natalie Wagenhoffer           VP of Fundraising                            gwynnorfundraising@gmail.com
                                   Jennifer Kowalick               Treasurer                                           gwynnortreasurer@gmail.com
                                   Sheetal Patel                        Assistant Treasurer                
                                   Rene Stahl                           Secretary                                            gwynnorsecretary@gmail.com
                                   Tiffany Kotulka                  Volunteer Coordinator                     gwynnorvolunteers@gmail.com  
                                   Melinda O'Neill                  Communications Coordinator         gwynnorhomeandschool@gmail.com
                                   Flavia Branwall                  Fundraiser Coordinator                  






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