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If you didn't get a chance to see the Lunar Eclipse this morning, check out this streaming video from the Griffith Observatory in California:  Live Stream
***Total Lunar Eclipse***
Tomorrow morning, Wednesday, October 8, there will be a Total Lunar Eclipse viewable from all of North America.  Provided the skies are clear look to the West just after 5:00 am, just before sunrise, and you will see the full moon approaching the Western Horizon as it begins to set.  Shortly after 5:00 am the Moon will begin to enter into the Earth's shadow and you will see the moon slowly change fro the bright white we are used to seeing, to a deep dark red color.  The Moon will be completely covered by the Earth's shadow by around 6:30 am and we should be able to catch a glimpse of Totality, just as the Moon begins to set.  Clear Skies!!
If you are interested in learning more about the Lunar Eclipse and why it occurs, check out our Community Page.  Our program on October 27, will delve into the mysteries of why eclipses occur.
Mr. B
Welcome back to another great year in the North Penn Planetarium!!  As the new school year is beginning we are excited to offer some new and exciting programs to the community.  Please check out our Community Page with the updated schedule.  Check back often for more updates on what is happening in the planetarium and in the sky!
The North Penn Planetarium is now on Twitter!  If you would like to learn about astronomy and get information on upcoming events in the planetarium here at North Penn, then follow us at @NPplanetarium!
The North Penn School District would like to welcome you to the North Penn Planetarium. Our planetarium features a state of the art 30 foot dome and can seat up to 57 people. We offer programming that caters to all ages featuring presentations that focus on such things as our changing night sky, the seasonal sun and the moon, as well as many other aspects of our sky.

If you have some questions for Mr. Bauman, the Planetarium Director, check out the Ask Mr. B! link on the left. You can also check out the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day by clicking on the NASA link on the left.   You will also find a link for a feedback form.  If you have attended a program at the planetarium, please take a few minutes to fill out the form so that we can hear about your experience and work to make our programs the most enjoyable and educational that we can.  Please check out the link to request use of the planetarium for a private function/group.  You will find information about our fee structure and the programs that we offer, as well as a form to submit for reserving the planetarium.  After you submit your form, I will be in touch as soon as I am able to confirm dates, times and the programing.

Keep checking back frequently as we continue to update our website!

See you in the stars!

James Bauman
Planetarium Director
Astronomy Teacher
North Penn Planetarium
Last Modified on October 8, 2014