• Our Vision:

    The North Penn School District is student-centered with a focus on academic challenge, meaningful experiences and personal responsibility.
    Our Mission:

    The North Penn School District is an effective, innovative, student-centered community of teaching and learning where every student is empowered to:

    • Become an independent, adaptable, life-long learner who uses knowledge to create new understandings;
    • Exhibit creative, collaborative and critical thinking;
    • Achieve at his or her highest potential; and
    • Live as a positive, responsible and contributing citizen of the global society.
    Core Values:

    Visionary Leadership:

    Contributing to the development of a quality organization by building the relationships necessary to create the conditions that:
    • Foster a high level of employee, student and community engagement;
    • Provide opportunities for employee decision-making;
    • Include a high level of visibility; and
    • Are characterized by leadership coaching.

    High Expectations for Learning:
    Cultivating an environment where:
    • Every student knows he or she can succeed;
    • Families, community members and staff demonstrate the confidence to meet the needs of every child; and
    • Strategies are used that ensure high levels of achievement and address student learning differences.



    Empowering and equipping students, staff, and community members to better serve by:
    • Providing them with a healthful environment in which they continuously learn and embrace change; and
    • Soliciting feedback to effectively understand and address the needs and concerns of students, staff and the community.


    Continuous Improvement:

    Creating a culture throughout the organization of commitment to use and share data that measures student, employee and organizational performance in:
    • Decision-making;
    • Planning focused on retaining strengths
    • Addressing opportunities for improvement; and
    • Program assessment.


    Partnerships and Teamwork:

    Utilizing the power of teaming to deliver the best for our school community.


    Universal Values: 

    North Penn school community members will model universal values to collaborate effectively in their daily activities.  These values include but are not limited to:
    • civic responsibility;
    • consideration;
    • cooperation;
    • dependability;
    • fairness;
    • goodwill;
    • honesty;
    • kindness;
    • orderliness;
    • patience;
    • perseverance;
    • politeness;
    • respect;
    • responsibility; and
    • sportsmanship.