Secondary Learning Department

Superintendent of Schools

Curtis R. Dietrich, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent
Diane M. Holben, Ed.D.
(Member of Superintendent's Cabinet)

Director of Secondary Education
Deborah McKay, Ed.D.
(Member of Superintendent's Cabinet)
All secondary principals report to this position.
Director of Special Education
Dr. Elizabeth Santoro
(Member of Superintendent's Cabinet)
(Oversight of district-wide special education programs,
staff development and initiatives, federal and state grant
funding, elementary special education budget and legal/due
process, school board liaison, psychologists, guidance
counselors, nurses, early intervention)
Manager of Special Education
Jenna Mancini Rufo
(Member of Superintendent's Cabinet)
(Support to the Director of Special Education for oversight
of district-wide special education programs, staff development
and initiatives, secondary special education budget and legal/due
process, gifted program, homebound instruction, home schooling,
liaison for homelessness, graduation and exit from special education,
instructional assistants)

Manager of Curriculum
Toni Butz, Ed.D.
(Member of Superintendent's Cabinet)
All learning coordinators report to Toni Butz.
(Curriculum, K-12; Assessment Administration, Curriculum-Based Assessments, Federal Programs, Comprehensive Literacy Plan, Keystone to Opportunities Program, Course Advancement Program, Wellness Program)
Curriculum Supervisor
Amber Molloy
(Reading K-12, Language Artis K-6, Elementary RtII, Library and Media Sciences K-12, Federal Programs - Title 1, Reading Apprenticeship Program 7-12)
Curriculum Supervisor
Karen Holmes
(English Language Arts 7-12, Social Studies k-12, World Languages 7-12, Music and Art K-12, Family Consumer Sciences 7-12, Health and PE K-12)
Curriculum Supervisor
Stephanie Schwab
(Mathematics K-12, Science K-12, Business Education 7-12, Technology Education 7-12, ROTC)
ESL Coordinator
Marilyn Loeffler
(ESL Program K-12, Sheltered Observation Protocol (SIOP), Title 3 ESL Summer Program, Title 3 Community and Family Programs)
RtII Coordinator
Stacey Moseley
(Elementary Response to Instruction and Intervention Program, Literacy Programs)
RtII Coordinator
Carol Graf
(Elementary Response to Instruction and Intervention Program, Literacy Programs)
Elementary Math Instructional Coach
Louise Kirsch
(Elementary Math K-6)
Special Education Supervisor
Ruth Desiderio
(North Penn High School, Transition, SPA/Behavior Specialist, Graduation/Iron Mountain, PASA)
Special Education Supervisor
Frances Garner, Ed.D.
(York Avenue, Penndale, Northbridge, ESY Secondary, Read180)
Special Education Supervisor
Christine Mueller
(Pennfield Middle School, Knapp, Walton Farm,
Extended School Year - Elementary)
Special Education Supervisor
Ashley Bennett
(Pennbrook, North Wales, Nash, PASA, Court Placed, Learning Ally)