• Identity Manager 

    In order to use Identity Manager, you will need to enroll in the software and have a working username and password at that time. You will be asked to provide your district log in information and your employee ID number.

    Go to https://identity.npenn.org:8443 to enroll.  You must know your current password to enroll.

     Enter your login/id user name (minus @npenn.org) and password and click log in

    Choose next

    Provide answers to four security questions:

    Student or Staff ID- enter staff or student number

                      Windows Login ID- same as network ID

                      Favorite food (4 letters or more)

                      Favorite animal (4 letters or more)

    Choose Next

    This ends the registration process.  You will not be asked to reset your password when you register.

    Go to https://identity.npenn.org to change password

    Enter your user name and choose Next

    Enter your Staff ID and Login ID, use the same account information as used at time of enrollment.  Choose Next

    Enter a new password.

    Once you change your password it will sync with Google.