• Penndale Administration
    "Achieving Greatness, One Student At A Time!"

    Dr. O'Sullivan, Principal, osullis@npenn.org
    Phone Number: 215-853-1700
    Secretary- Ms. Brenninger, brennid@npenn.org
    Phone Number: 215-853-1700
    Mr. Bashaw, 7th and 9th (A through L) Grade Assistant Principal, bashawjm@npenn.org
    Phone Number: 215-853-1703
    Mrs. Robbins, 8th and 9th (M through Z) Grade Assistant Principal, robbinal@npenn.org
    Phone Number: 215-853-1703

    Athletic Secretary- Mrs. Macosko,  macoskej@npenn.org
    Phone Number: 215-853-1719
    Attendance Secretary- Mrs. Macosko and Mrs. Moore, pdattendance@npenn.org
     Phone Number: 215-853-1704
    Discipline Secretary- Ms. Jedwabny, jedwabim@npenn.org
    Phone Number: 215-853-1703
    Receptionist- Mrs. Macosko, macoskej@npenn.org
     Phone Number: 215-853-1701