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View the Fall and Winter Community Education Program Class Guide and Sign Up Now

Looking to keep busy, meet new people and have fun this fall and winter? Now's your chance to do all three!

Or, maybe you want to get lost in the galaxy with our numerous planetarium offerings. You can even learn to train your dog and how to finally work your computer programs. Show off your baking and cooking skills to friends and family after taking some of our new classes or get creative with our variety of arts, crafts and more classes. Attend financial, health and leagal seminars to learn the best way to stay or get "healthy, wealthy and wise."  

Get involved with our sports and fintess classes that include soccer; dancing; basketball; orienteering; group exercise classes, and don't forget about our kids and adult aquatic classes and activities!  

Speaking of kids, we have a variety of kids classes, including art, theater, sports, babysitting and cooking!

View our Fall and Winter Community Education Program course guide and sign up online now by clicking here.