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North Penn Talks Presents: The Power of Choices by Ron L. James

Photo of Ron James.

North Penn High School (NPHS) Class of 1981’s Ron L. James knows the power of choices and how decisions can build you up or tear you down. He is returning to his alma mater to help today’s youth learn from his mistakes on Monday, March 25 at 7:00 pm in the NPHS Audion, located at 1340 Valley Forge Road, Lansdale.

The presentation, titled “North Penn Talks: The Power of Choices” will tell the journey, and the lessons learned along the way, after being involved in harmful relationships and spending 25 years in and out of prison. The inspirational and thoughtful presentation emphasizes the true power of everyone’s next choice. It is the culminating piece for a day focused on students that includes opportunities for NPHS students to hear from James during large group presentations, but also speak with him one on one regarding individual concerns.

The evening presentation is meant to gather parents, community members, social service groups and all interested individuals to talk about choices, relationships and mental well-being, and what can be done to help the youth of this community and beyond.

Mr. James grew up in the North Penn community and before graduating from NPHS attended Montgomery Elementary School and Penndale Middle School. Unfortunately, a series of bad choices led him into a life of crime. After more than 25 years in prison he wrote his book “Choices.”

“The decisions you make and their consequences every single day determine who you become,” explains  James. “Every choice has a consequence – good or bad – and whether you choose to make good choices or bad choices, your life will be the result of those consequences.”

James’ experience and guidance is also shared in the movie “The Ron L. James Story: Choices - The Lessons Learned from a Repeat Offender.” The film chronicles his emotional, heartfelt, amusing and thought-provoking journey through his personal battles, decisions and the consequences that led him to pay the ultimate price with his life and time.

The community presentation will last approximately 50 minutes followed by questions and answers. Funded by the NPSD Educational Foundation and the Forst Foundation, Ron L. James is the second speaker of a series, “North Penn Talks,” being planned to address the needs of North Penn students and the community as a whole.

To learn more about Ron L. James, visit his website at