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    Kyle Berger, Director of Student Activities 
    INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH TEAM will meet Monday, June 3 after school at 2:45 in room H3.
    NASA RESEARCH TEAM will meet Tuesday, June 4 after school in room H3 at 2:45.
    EPICS CLUB is having its final meeting, party, and officer elections on Wednesday, June 5 after school at 2:30. Club shirts will be handed out at this meeting, too. 
    AUTO CLUB is having its final meeting, party, and officers elections on Thursday, June 6 after school.
    KEY CLUB is having a Summer Blood Drive on July 18 here, at NPHS. We need people to sign up and donate blood. Please go to the Red Cross Website to sign up. We need 5 Key Club members to be on the Blood Drive Committee, please see Mrs. Law.  
    ROBOTICS CLUB will meet Tuesday night from 6-8 at North Montco and Thursday after school from 2:30-5:30.
    CHESS CLUB: Do you want your face on a chess piece? The engineering department and chess team can make that happen! Stop by at E138 or H8 for a sample and more information.
    RAINBOW ALLIANCE, formerly the Gay Straight Alliance, meets the first and third Thursday of every month in K129. Those who are LGBT and allies are welcome to attend.
    MOCK TRIAL meets every Wednesday after school in K32. So if you are interested in law or trials and you'd like to act the part of a lawyer or witness in a competition, Come to K32 any Wednesday after school
    Upcoming Events and General Information:      
    SENIOR EXEMPTIONS: Seniors may exempt up to two exams. This can be two year-long courses or one year-long course and two semester courses, or 4 semester courses. Students must have an A in all marking periods of the course. Students wish to exempt a course must let their teacher know, prior to the exam, to be added to the exemption list. 
    REFLECTIONS: Attention Seniors! Are you interested in performing in front of your class during Reflections? The Senior Class is now accepting video auditons for any interested performers. Performances could include singing, dancing, playing music, reciting poetry, and much more. All performances must fit with the theme for Reflections, which is ( insert theme here), so make nphs2019reflections@gmail.com by Friday, May 17 for selection. Please feel free to stop by E116 to see Mrs. Marino with any questions.
    CLASS OF 2019 SLIDESHOW! The senior class cabinet is now collecting photos to be a part of the class slideshow, shown at Reflections. Send pictures of you and your friends from all your years in the North Penn School District to nphs2019reflections@gmail.com. The deadline is Monday, May 20. Please feel free to stop by E116 to see Mrs. Marino with any questions. 
    YEARBOOK: The Accolade (the yearbook) will be distributed on Thursday, June 6. Students that ordered a book will receive a "cherry" color receipt in 1st period on Thursday morning to pick your yearbook up. All students will go to the Columbia Gym for pick up. As soon as you get your book please put your name on it. 
    For students that ordered a yearbook and do not have a 1st period are to pick up their reciept in their HOOF.
    Extra copies of the yearbook will be on sale at 7:00am in the auditorium on Friday, June 7, the cost will be $95.00, cash only. This sale is on a first come first served basis. 
    CHICK-FIL-A-THURSDAY is back! Starting November 1, Knights Knutrition, located in the gym lobby, will offer Chick-fil-a sandwiches every Thursday. Cost is $4.00 while they last. Cost is $4.00 while the last. Stop in and get a snack after school! 
    CHROMEBOOKS: Broken or trouble with chromebooks, students should take them to the IMC. Forgotten chromebooks, students may barrow a chromebook from D018 in the morning and return them to D018 by 8th period.
    TRANSCRIPT OFFICE: There is an update to the Transcript Office hours. If a student needs a transcript during periods 1-4, Mrs. Borchers will be located in the College and Career Center, K31. Students who need a transcript during any other time of the day, Mrs. Borchers will be located in the Transcript Office, F25. 
    SENIOR CAP AND GOWN: Seniors should visit www.sscgradstore.com  to order their Graduation Cap and Gown.
    LUNCH STUDY has been moved to D18 for periods 4-5-6-7. You have the option to remain in the cafeteria during this time or if you prefer a quieter space, feel free to head to D18 right outside the cafeteria. If you need assistance or math help, you can also utilize D18 for support. Please see the schedule posted outside D18 for the schedule.
    ADAPT PEER TUTORING: Students can access peer tutors in room E126 on Wednesdays during 8B and after school. Contact Mr. Miller in Room A15 if you would like to be a tutor. Passes for 8B can be given by any teacher.
    IMC:  The IMC will deliver electronic passes (an email) to students for Tuesdays Knight Time and Period 8B. Students will fill in a Google form, found on the IMC webpage to attend KT or 8B in the IMC. This form will generate an email to the student. Students will show this email to their classroom teacher and come to the IMC. Be prepared to show this email to the IMC staff as your pass to enter the IMC.
    All existing roles are still in play: Students must arrive or the IMC will write a cut slip; Students must stay the entire time; Students must work/read quietly. 
    PARKING APPLICATIONS: All student parking spots have been assigned. Home offices will no longer take any parking applications for this school year. Applications for next school year will be available May 2019. 
    LATE BUS PROCEDURE: Students must be documented to travel on the late buses. If you intend to stay after school to serve detention, stay for a meeting, for extra help, or any other reason, you must either see your coach/advisor/or teacher, or stop by your home office prior to 1:30 to have your name added to the list. The purpose is for us to know who is on the bus and to ensure that students are using the bus for the right reasons.
    LATE BUSES: Buses are provided on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 4:30 in the front of the high school. Student must see their coach/advisor/teacher or home office, prior to 1:30, to register for the bus. Students must have their Student ID's when borarding the bus. A map i posted in fron of the K-Pod Reception Office.
    Green - Hatfield Area
    Orange - Towamencin Area
    Blue - Montgomery Area
    Yellow - North Wales, Lansdale Area
    SENIOR PICTURE: If you have not had your senior picture taken yet, it is important that you schedule your appointment now by logging onto  Prestige's scheduling site, www.ouryear.com . Enter school code 415 or you call 1-800-687-9327 to schedule an appointment.
    SPORTS SCHEDULE: To access this week's sports' schedule, please click on the link: http://www.npenn.org/athletics
    HUNGRY AND STAYING AFTER SCHOOL? Stop in the Knights Knutrition Snack Stand. Located in the Gym Lobby, Knights Knutrition is open every day after school until 3:00. Stop in to get healthy snacks before a game, practice or club meeting. Talk to one of our staff members to open a special account so you don't need cash on a daily basis. Lots of variety to choose from and every Thursday is Chic-fil-a Thursday!
    JOB POSTINGS: If you are looking for a job, please see the Job Board in the College and Career Center. Local jobs are posted.
    NORTH MONTCO TECHNICAL CAREER CENTER Driver's Ed Class information  can be found in your Home Office, K-Pod Reception Office or by calling 215-855-3931.