2019-2020 Registration (All Grades)

2019-2020 Registration (All Grades)

In order to make the registration of your child as easy as possible, your assistance is required. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and school district policy requires written documentation in the following areas prior to your admittance to school.

Documents Required at Registration -
*Please note that your appointment will have to be rescheduled  if ALL documents are not brought with you at your scheduled appointment time.*

1. Proof of Child' s Age (birth certificate; hospital certificate; baptismal certificate)

2. Proof of Residency (current utility bill - electric, gas, water, sewer, trash; current mortgage payment/statement; current real estate tax receipt; current signed lease; agreement of sale).
*Please note* - if neither parents nor guardians' names appear on Proof of Residency document, then a Multiple Occupancy form (see below under Miscellaneous Registration Forms) needs to be completed and notarized.

3. Proof of Immunizations - the North Penn School District follows the PA Department of Health immunization requirements. Immunizations may be completed by your family physician, or at Detwiler Family Medicine through the Vaccines For Children Program, 215-368-1900, or by the Montgomery County Health Department, 610-278-5145. If you have religious or philosophical objections to any of the immunizations, please write a letter and present it at registration. If there are medical reasons your child is not vaccinated, a statement from a licensed physician giving reasons for exclusion must be filed in the student' s record.

4. Registration Packet (see below)

Please follow the next steps to complete the Registration Packet:

1. Download the PDF registration packet to your computer.

2. You can fill in the form to populate the fields on your computer and then print out or you may download, print, and complete the information by hand.

3. Important  - Please note that your appointment will have to be rescheduled  if the registration packet is not printed out, completed and brought with you at your scheduled appointment time.

Registration Packet - English

Registration Packet - Spanish

Registration Packet - Arabic

Registration Packet - Chinese

Registration Packet - Gujarati

Registration Packet - Korean

Miscellaneous Registration Forms

*Depending on circumstances, additional forms may need to be completed and notarized as part of the registration process*

If you are the legal guardian of a child who will be attending the North Penn School District, the Affidavit form (see below) must be completed, signed and notarized. In accordance with Act 35 of the PA Department of Education School Code, a school district may require and investigate the circumstances for which a resident is requesting to enroll a child (that is not their own) as a student in the district. 


Affidavit for Resident/Nonresident Dependent Children

Please note the Affidavit is only good for the current school year and you will be required to complete a new affidavit form each year that the child is enrolled in the district as long as the status remains the same. In the event the the child's legal residency changes you will need to contact the school to change your residency status.

Multiple Occupancy for New Registrants:

If the parent/guardian who is registering a child for the North Penn School District does not have a Proof of Residency document - a utility bill, mortgage payment/statement, real estate tax receipt or signed lease - in their name reflecting the address of the North Penn residence where they are living, the Multiple Occupancy form (see below) must be completed, signed and notarized. Along with that completed Multiple Occupancy form, one of the Proof of Residency documents, as listed above, is required that reflects the resident's address noted on the completed Multiple Occupancy form.

Certificate of Multiple Occupancy

Optional Paperwork Brought to Registration ( if applicable ) - A student's IEP and/or Evaluation from their former school.

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**If you are registering more than one child, when you are scheduling an appointment, please reserve one thirty-minute timeslot/appointment per child.*

*Students entering 6th through 12th grade will be issued a Chromebook at their assigned school.

Beginning October 1, 2019, we will collect $30 (cash or check) at the time of registration to cover a Chromebook Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) fee for the 2019-2020 School Year.*