Francis Jeyaraj, M.D.

Francis Jeyaraj, M.D.

francis jeyaraj

Francis Jeyaraj, M.D. has always been on a mission to give back to his community and it is clear in everything he does. He served as a pediatrician to the greater North Penn area for over 40 years, finally retiring in 2019. The list of community service projects Dr. Jeyaraj has been involved with is extensive and always growing, as he continues to help others in any way possible. He began his career at the University of Bombay, India, completing medical school and earning his degree. Dr. Jeyaraj then came to Norwalk Hospital and the Yale School of Medicine to complete his internship before heading to Children’s Hospital in Buffalo, New York, for his residency. He conducted his fellowship at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. before becoming a clinical professor at Penn State University and Hershey Medical School. The North Penn community then gained a valuable member when he joined Lansdale Pediatric & Adolescent Medical Associates as pediatrician where he practiced for several decades. Dr. Jeyaraj has also served as the President of Medical Staff of Lansdale Hospital and Medical Director of their children’s clinic. He has treated thousands of children in this area, and many of them brought their own children back to his practice. 

In addition to his record as a medical doctor, Dr. Jeyaraj has been a part of several service organizations to give back to his community. He has sat on the Board of Directors for Pearl S. Buck International, United Way, Arconet, and the Montgomery County Health Department. He has been a part of the Advisory Council for the Pan Asian Senior Center (PASSI). He is the founder of the Indo-American Club, as well as co-founder of the International Spring Festival. He has sat on the Diversity Council and Board of Directors for Montgomery County Community College. Additionally, he has been a part of the Dr. Boston Foundation and Co-Chair of the Asian American Correlation. 

Dr. Jeyaraj spent several years in a mentoring program with North Penn, Wissahickon, Methacton, Central Bucks, and several other local school districts.  When asked about his time as a mentor, Dr. Jeyaraj said “Mentoring brings out the best in our children, which is the primary mission of education. Mentoring was always something I loved because it prepares the next generation and gives all kids an opportunity to do their best when they have a path.” After years of mentoring, the results clearly show the effect that Dr. Jeyaraj had, with over 40 of his former mentees becoming medical doctors, one of whom is now the CEO of one of the largest foundations in the United States. 

In 1990, a group of community members including Dr. Jeyaraj formed the International Spring Festival, one of the largest multicultural festivals in the Mid-Atlantic. Each year, North Penn High School is fortunate to host this festival of music, food, entertainment, and fun to celebrate the diversity of the community. This year was the 32nd annual Festival, featuring 40 different cultural and nationality bands. Each year over 6,000 people attend, bringing together community members from all walks of life to build community, foster understanding, and celebrate what makes North Penn and the surrounding community so unique. It is an event that would not exist without the hard work and dedication of the founders, including Dr. Jeyaraj. 

All of his hard work has not gone unnoticed. Dr. Jeyaraj is the recipient of several prestigious awards. In 1993 he was given the Community Service Award from the Indian American Political Affairs Committee. In 1995 he was given the Person of the Year Award from B’Nai Brith, an international Jewish service organization. He won the Community Service Award in 1998 from the North Penn Chamber of Commerce, and the Community Service Award in 2000 from the Lansdale Jaycees. In both 1999 and 2002, Dr. Jeyaraj won the Community Service Award from the Indo-American Club. The International Spring Festival Committee awarded him the Community Service Award in 2007. Additionally, Dr. Jeyaraj has won the Pennsylvania Human Relations Service Award, the Community Service Award from Arconet, and the Community Service Award from the YMCA. 

While Dr. Jeyaraj is now retired from his medical practice, he has certainly not slowed down. He still remains heavily involved with North Penn and the greater community, continuing to demonstrate the excellence that can be achieved through community-building. He is married to Karin Jeyaraj, and has two children, Kristina and Sandra who both graduated from North Penn High School.