Masking Requirements 2021-22

Important Information Regarding Mask Order


The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court released its decision today regarding the Pennsylvania Department of Health Mask Order issued in August. The court ruled that the mask order is void because it was not adopted in compliance with the regulatory review process.    Although the PA Department of Health order is void, the NPSD Health and Safety Plan passed this past summer still requires all North Penn students, staff, and school visitors to wear masks while indoors during high levels of community transmission, which NPSD currently is. You can view the plan hereOpening in a new window

Important Information Regarding Masks and COVID-19


Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf's administration recently mandated that all students, staff, and visitors in both public and private schools must wear masks while in school buildings effective Tuesday, September 7, 2021, unless an exemption applies to that person. This state order is for those in child care centers and kindergarten through 12th-grade schools. View state order.

This mandate will replace the indoor masking requirements established in the NPSD Health and Safety Plan until further notice. As per the safety plan, masking outdoors will be optional during low, moderate and substantial levels of COVID-19 transmission but masking will be required during high levels as defined by the Montgomery County Office of Public Health (MCOPH).

NPSD parents and staff are reminded that the Incidence and Positivity Rates for NPSD Residents (data from the MCOPH) can be found on the district website here. Additionally, on this page, you can find confirmed cases in our schools which are tracked on the COVID-19 dashboard.

Please note that a change from last year is that letters will NOT be emailed to staff and families when there is a confirmed case in your building, as the dashboard referenced above provides this information. The only time a communication will be sent will be in regard to a confirmed case in the Extended School Care Program as this is a special requirement of the PA Department of Human Services for all child care programs.

Be assured that you will be contacted privately if you are a close contact to a confirmed case.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.