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ENGLISH 7 Image of an apple which stands for a seventh grade course

Full Year, 6 Periods Per Cycle
Level 6.0

Level 6.0

The seventh grade course focuses on reading, writing, communication, and language. The majority of reading comes from the resource, My Perspectives, a diverse collection of writing, which provides learning experiences that promote higher achievement and develop the competencies needed for college and career readiness. In addition to the resource reading, students will read at least one fictional novel. The writing program explores text dependent analysis, narrative writing, and argumentative writing. Students will also learn group communication skills and presentation skills. Students enrolled in 0076P will be required to develop an independent project, facilitated by the teacher, that requires: reading, writing, and speaking skills based on a specific topic of interest. The 0076P course moves at a faster pace, requires more independent learning, and demands higher level thinking skills and academic rigor.


ENGLISH 8 Image of a book which stands for an eighth grade course

(Full Year, 6 Periods Per Cycle)
Level 5.0 (IEP required for enrollment)

Level 5.0

Level 6.0 (Honors)

Level 6.0 (High Potential)

Eighth grade English continues the emphasis upon grammatical skills introduced in seventh grade. The program provides an integrated study of vocabulary and ensures a wide variety of reading experiences. Eighth grade Literature emphasizes the skill of analyzing literary works for plot, setting, conflict and theme. Writing is often literature-based and includes other writing experiences. Much emphasis is placed on multi-paragraph compositions along with essay writing. The components of good writing are taught and reinforced.

Image of an apple which stands for a seventh grade course = Seventh Grade Course / Image of a book which stands for an eighth grade course = Eighth Grade Course
Final deadline for students and/or parents to initiate requests for course changes is May 1, 2020.