Gifted Courses


In addition to the high potential and accelerated programming offered to all students, students identified as gifted with a Gifted Individualized Education Program (GIEP) will have elective choices in both seventh and eighth grade to extend their experience and meet their individualized needs.

Major Elective Offering


GIFTED SEMINAR 7 Image of an apple which stands for a seventh grade class

Full Year, 6 Periods Per Cycle

This year-long course is an option for students identified as Gifted (with a GIEP) in seventh grade. The course would replace the Literacy Explorations course on the student’s schedule. Gifted Seminar 7 provides the students with learning experiences that will enhance their reading skills. This course utilizes instructional strategies that are both individualized and academically challenging through activities such as inquiry-based research and close reading, critical thinking, discussions and dialectical journaling. This course will employ a variety of methods that will support students while fostering an environment where students can build on their individual capabilities, talents and creativity.

Minor Elective Offering


GIFTED SEMINAR 8 Image of a book which stands for an eighth grade course

Full Year, 2 Periods Per Cycle

This two period per cycle Gifted Seminar 8 course is available to students who currently have a GIEP in 8th grade. Gifted seminar is an interdisciplinary elective course whose skill-based curriculum is process-rather than content-focused. The framework of this process centered curriculum is constructed around the exploration of leadership. The course provides the students with opportunities to develop their own definition and philosophy of leadership. It will employ a variety of instructional strategies that will support students in the development of their own knowledge and creativity. The course will be scheduled during a normally scheduled special area class.

Image of an apple which stands for a seventh grade class  = Seventh Grade Course /  Image of a book which stands for an eighth grade course = Eighth Grade Course

Final deadline for students and/or parents to initiate requests for course changes is April 28, 2023.