Supplemental Summer Instruction, Secondary 7-12

Virtual Supplemental Summer Instruction, Secondary Grades 7-12


North Penn High School will be offering supplemental instruction in all secondary courses via our online Edgenuity program. We believe that all students have been impacted by the COVID pandemic in some form, and we want to extend this opportunity to students to engage in supplemental learning and instruction in any course(s) they desire.

About the Program

The online program is completely free and will begin Monday, June 28 and ends Thursday, July 29. Most courses are offered via our online program, Edgenuity, taught by our North Penn teachers (exact offerings will be limited based on interest. Please reach out to the contact below to inquire). Your student will work at his/her own pace throughout the course and will have access to our teachers from 12:00-3:00 pm Monday through Thursday for the duration of the program for support. The course will provide them access to the entire curriculum and will be tailored to their specific needs to ascertain the student is receiving individualized instruction. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to practice, learn, re-engage and master all areas of the curriculum.

Please note, this is a non-credit bearing program and is not remedial. All students, regardless of their achievement in that course previously, may take advantage of this opportunity, but will not receive course credit or course advancement. Students are not required to earn a specific grade at the end of the course. This program is separate from our summer school program for credit recovery. (Learn more about the summer school program)


All students are eligible to take any course regardless of their prior performance. Students may take up to three full-year courses (or any combination).

Course Offerings

Please refer to the North Penn High School Program of Studies or the Middle School Program of Studies. Please remember, this opportunity is only for students currently enrolled in grades 7-12.

Support for Students

In-person support for all students will be offered Monday through Thursday for the duration of instruction at North Penn High School in rooms E015, E016 and E017 from 12:00 -3:00pm.

Online support for all students will also be offered via Google Meets by their teacher Monday through Thursday for the duration of instruction.


All students interested in participating in this program must register using the form below by Friday, May 21 at 12:00 pm. Registration will be accepted online only.

Register for 2021 Virtual Supplemental Summer Instruction Program for secondary students in grades 7-12


Individuals with questions regarding students in grades 10-12 should contact Nick Taylor at

Individuals with questions regarding students in grades 7-9 should contact Leaz Metelus at or Dr. Bill Carlin at