Cultural Proficiency

Cultural Proficiency, Diversity and Equity at North Penn School District





The North Penn School District seeks to develop a community that values and adapts to diversity. We strive to acknowledge, respect, understand, and celebrate the dynamics of racial and cultural differences. Through the development of a culturally proficient staff, the establishment of structures that promote equitable opportunities, and partnerships with families and students, our school district will create an environment of respect where all members of the school community are empowered to learn, grow, and appreciate one another.



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What is cultural proficiency?


While culture can incorporate many things, the term "cultural proficiency" as defined by Lindsey, Robins, and Terrell (2003) is...

"a way of being that enables both individuals and organizations to respond effectively to people who differ from them... Culturally proficient professionals:

  • Assess culture
  • Value diversity
  • Manage the dynamics of difference
  • Adapt to diversity
  • Institutionalize cultural knowledge."


Cultural proficiency is essential in establishing a positive school climate so that students, parents, staff, and community members from a variety of cultural, ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds can interact with and learn from one another.

The cultural proficiency efforts at NPSD are guided by a committee led by Dr. Pamula Hart, NPSD Director of Curriculum and Equity. The committee is structured around the four major cultural proficiency goals. If you are a parent interested in becoming involved with cultural proficiency, please contact Dr. Hart at [email protected].



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Diversity at NPSD: Who do we serve?


NPSD celebrates its increasing diversity, with approximately 41% diverse students. Overall, 6% of district students are categorized as English Learners (ELs), with individual schools ranging as high as 23.6% ELs. Approximately 33.2% of NPSD students qualify for free or reduced lunch, with individual schools approaching 60% qualifying. Roughly 16.5% of students in the district qualify for special education services.

The richness and diversity of North Penn's students, families, staff, and community contribute to its robust academic program and countless extracurricular opportunities.