Bid Specifications

Bid Specifications

Instructions to access the bid opening zoom meetings will be posted on the website one hour prior to the opening time reflected in the bid specifications. Please click the links below to access bid summaries for the following projects.

Please note that NPSD uses the E-School Mall (ESM) platform for some of our annual bid items such as sports and physical education uniforms and equipment.  You must be a verified vendor with ESM in order to participate in these bids.  You may view the bids by clicking here:  ESM


      Zoom Meeting Instructions for Tax Bill Printing and Mailing

April 2023 Bids/RFP

March 2023 Bids/RFP

LPG Bid 2023

January 2023 Bids/RFP

Property Tax Bill Printing and Mailing Bid 2023

OT/PT and Speech Services RFP

Two Way Handheld Radio Equipment Bid.pdf

Elevator Repair at North Penn High School.pdf

    November 2022 Bids/RFP

    Transportation Vehicles Bid 2022-23

    Computer and Peripheral Recyclables at Multiple Locations

    September 2022 Bids/RFP

    ViewSonic Interactive Display Equipment Bid

    August 2022 Bids/RFP

    Municipal Financial Advisor RFP


    July 2022 Bids/RFP

    22-23 Chromebooks and Desktops Bid

    North Penn Health Clinic


    May 2022 Bids/RFP

    PA 339 Curriculum and Reporting Platform RFP


    April 2022 Bids/RFP
    NPHS Roof
    GN Roof
    Elementary School Media Center Dehumidification System

    Elementary School Chiller Replacement & Exhaust Fan Installation

    March 2022 Bids/RFP

    Legal Services

    Phishing Simulation and Cybersecurity Training


    February 2022 Bids/RFP
    Exterior Walk-In Freezer


    January 2022 Bids/RFP

    Traffic Engineering Services

    Property Tax Bill Printing and Mailing


    October 2021 Bids

    School Safety Assessment and Related Services


    September 2021 Bids


    June 2021 Bids

    Asphalt Paving 2021-2022

    Concrete New and Replacement 2021-2022

    Tree Removal 2021-2022

    Laptops 2021-2022

    21-22 Musical Instrument Rebid


    May 2021 Bids


    April 2021 Bids

    March 2021 Bids


    February 2021 Bids


    October 2020 Bids


    June 2020 Bids

    May 2020 Bids

    March 2020 Bids

    February 2020 Bids

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