2020 Meeting Schedule

COVID-19 School Closure Digital Meeting Information

Due to the current shutdown of schools, and in consideration of the health and safety of the school community, notice is hereby given that the Board of School Directors shall convene all meetings digitally until further notice. Participation at this meeting shall be limited to remote connection using the virtual meeting platform, Zoom.

Residents can watch meetings live through the Zoom Meeting Zoom link found below, on NPTV Comcast Cable Channel 28 and Verizon FIOS-TV Channel 29 or online at North Penn News. If you require closed captioning, please view on Comcast Cable Channel 28 or Verizon Cable Channel 29.

The link for public comment will be available on this page 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. The software platform being utilized is Zoom.

Recordings of all meetings will be available on the NPTV YouTube Channel. Recordings of school board worksession and action meeting will air on North Penn Television Comcast Cable Channel 28 and Verizon FIOS-TV Channel 29 for the next three business days at 12:30 pm and 7:30 pm


Due to limitations from the website provider, NPSD is forced to input an "end time" for events. Please note that if the start time and end time of an event is listed the same, it is because the end time of the event is unknown.

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