NPSD Class of 2020 Retirees

As another school year has come to a close, the North Penn School District says goodbye to 59 beloved employees as they enter the well-earned, next chapter of their lives, retirement.

On behalf of the NPSD, we thank each of our retirees for their many years of dedication to the district and the countless students whom they had such a large impact on during their tenure. We wish you all a happy and relaxing retirement!

Congratulations to the NPSD Class of 2020 Retirees!

Barb Barnitz
Ann Behrens
Mary Ann Bender
Jane Borisow
Deborah Caltabiano
Margaret Chiodo-Keller
John Corson
Gail Cuff
Donna Decoteau
Joseph Dietrich
Cheryl Dischell
Mike Fergus
Jack Fink
Joseph Finney
Christina Fulton
Joanne Garwood
Patricia Grotzinger
Joanne Halberstadt
Barbara Haley
Diane Heitz
Jayne Hinderliter
Susan Kelly
Jacqueline Kivlin
Jessica Klause
Margaret Knoble
Tressa Kopytko
Barbara Lees
Beth Light
Sandra Linberger
Jennifer Low
Paula Malley
Elisa Manalo
Cynthia Mancuso
Michelle Mason
Cynthia McCullough
Karen McDonald
Elsa Meehan
Randy Mellinger
Jay Miller
Santi Mohan
Dotti Oechsner
Donna Organski
Donna Persons
Bonnie Pfister
Joann Rauchut
Barry Reichner
Susan Resnick
Kelly Reynolds
Gail Riccardi
Dusty Roper
Lynn Scheckenback
Jill Schwartz
James Snyder
Walt Stachelek
Lisa Taddei
Raymond Unangst
Jacqueline Walter
Willa Walters
Ann Marie Wiler