Gifted Education

Philosophy of North Penn School District's Gifted Program

The North Penn School District recognizes the need to educate gifted students according to their abilities, interests, talents, and needs. Since " single focus program...can hope to adequately serve a population with such potentially complex profiles" (Lewis, 2002); we will provide a continuum of services which may include the following where appropriate: compacting, expanding, enrichment, and/or acceleration of curriculum and instruction. This will be evidenced in the differentiation of content, process, product, and learning styles. We also recognize that gifted students have unique patterns of social and emotional development. Given that, "the balance between cognitive and effective learning outcomes is key to a functional program" (Delcourt, Cornell, and Goldberg, 2007), we aim to foster an environment that will develop their individual academic talents while simultaneously nurturing the whole child.

Elementary Department Chair

Kurt Hinz
[email protected]

Secondary Department Chair

Donna Mower
[email protected]