Retired Teachers - We Want You!


Retired Certified Teacher? 


You Can Substitute for NPSD When and Where You Choose!


NPSD needs assistance as it continues to provide one of the best public school educations in the state. Schools locally and nationally are facing a shortage of substitute teachers and North Penn is no different. Although NPSD is doing everything it can to make sure all of our classes are covered, from hiring more subs to asking administrators to cover for teacher absences, the challenge persists. 

Would you consider returning to North Penn occasionally to substitute? NPSD will consider and be appreciative of any amount of time you are able to work in half or full-day increments as well as any number of days each week or month you may have available in your schedule. Very simply, the time and help you provide would be on your terms. You can decide when and where to substitute. Whether you would like to return to the school where you taught and even the same grade, or maybe you are interested in a different experience, there are opportunities for you in NPSD.

The NPSD retired substitute rate is $210.00 per day. You would be able to accept or decline job assignments based on your availability and interest and can access the opportunities online, via Frontline.  And best of all, it does not conflict with PSERS eligibility. Given the current decrease in teachers and substitutes, you are able to substitute in an emergency status without affecting your PSERS status. For NPSD, emergency status is any job that does not have a substitute scheduled within 3 days of the vacancy or need.  That means you will be able to see and select potential jobs 3 days in advance of the specific day needed.  

23-24 SY Rates

starting rate: $180/day for PDE certified teachers; $170/day for GUEST teachers (non-PDE substitute teachers)

Per Diem Substitute Teacher - w/PDE Instructional Certificate

  • 1-25 work days                  $180/day
  • 26-75 days work day        $190/day
  • 76 or more work days       $200/day

Per Diem Substitute Teacher - "Locally Issued Day-to-Day Substitute" Teachers (Guest Teacher Program)

  • 1-25 work days                 $170/day
  • 26-75 days work day       $180/day
  • 76 or more work days      $190/day

Please consider substituting for NPSD. If you are interested, contact Joanne Nguyen via phone at 215-853-1041 or email at [email protected]. Thank you for your time and consideration given to this request.