Information for Parents

The North Penn School District is committed to providing a safe environment for students, staff, and visitors. We work closely with public safety officials including police, fire, emergency medical services, and emergency management in order to ensure our schools are well prepared for an emergency. Together we have developed a comprehensive plan that covers a wide variety of emergencies, and that serves as a guide to help our staff and public safety partners respond swiftly should a crisis occur in our schools.

Click HERE to download a copy of the NPSD Emergency Guide for Parents.

Safety Terms And Procedures


North Penn School District has adopted a modified version of the Standard Response Protocol authored by the “I Love U Guys” Foundation, an organization specializing in research-based best practices for school crisis response. It is important for parents to be familiar with the following terms.

Lockdown – A lockdown takes place if an internal threat is identified at the school. All school doors are locked and students are confined to locked classrooms. No entry into or exit from the school will be allowed until police, school security, or a school administrator clears the lockdown. Students will NOT be released during a lockdown.

Lockout – A lockout takes place if an external threat is identified in the area of the school. Students are moved from the outside of a building to the interior and exterior doors are locked. No entry into or exit from the school will be allowed until an “all-clear” announcement is made. Normal activities will take place inside the building during a lockout.

Evacuation – An evacuation takes place if a condition inside the school building makes it unsafe to stay inside. Students will be relocated to an evacuation assembly area or off-site shelter location.

Shelter – Shelter in place is used in cases when severe weather or other hazardous condition exists in close proximity to the school. Students take refuge in designated protected areas. No entry into or exit from the school will be allowed until an “all-clear” announcement is made.

Hold - A hold is used to pause the movement of individuals in the school until a specific situation inside the building can be addressed. Students will remain in their classroom until the hold is lifted, classes will not change. Normal classroom activity will take place during a hold.

How Will Parents Know if an Emergency Occurs?


North Penn School District uses School Messenger, the District website, Facebook, and Twitter as part of its ongoing efforts to communicate with students, families, and staff. In an emergency School Messenger will be used to contact parents directly via telephone as quickly as possible. A variety of critical situations that impact children, ranging from severe weather and power outages, to emergencies that may cause a school to evacuate, shelter, or lockdown, will trigger a School Messenger phone call. School Messenger may also be used by individual schools to communicate important routine information to their school community.

Watch for a phone call, email, or text message with information sent via the NPSD School Messenger Service.

Visit the NPSD website at
Check the NPSD Facebook page (
Check the NPSD Twitter account (

Every parent who has a child attending North Penn schools is automatically signed up to receive messages through School Messenger, however it is up to you to keep the school informed of any changes to your email address, phone numbers, or emergency contacts. In order for North Penn School District to contact you as quickly as possible when an emergency occurs, the District must have accurate contact information for all parents.

Whenever a parent changes a phone number or e-mail address, they need to notify their child’s school as soon as possible so that their information can be updated.

What Should Parents do to Prepare for a School Emergency?

  • Ensure your school has accurate emergency contact information for your child and notify the school if it changes.
  • Identify who would be authorized to pick up your child if there is a school or community emergency. Make sure anyone identified is listed as an emergency contact in your child’s student emergency information.
  • Understand the NPSD school safety terms and ask any questions you might have. Your child’s teacher or school principal are great resources but you can also contact the NPSD Office of Emergency Management & Safe Schools for information.
  • Communicate with your child about being prepared for emergencies. This includes understanding drills, such as fire drills, and taking them seriously. It also includes recognizing anything that is out of the ordinary or unusual in the school day and reporting it to an adult at school.


What Should Parents Do if a School Emergency Occurs?

  • If there is an emergency at one of the North Penn schools, wait for official instructions to be communicated using School Messenger. LISTEN! This telephone message will inform you of what has happened and what (if anything) you should do.
  • Please do not call the school. Phone lines and staff are needed for emergency response efforts and incoming calls consume these important resources.
  • Please do not go to the school unless instructed. Traffic congestion impedes the movement of emergency vehicles and can make a difficult situation much worse.


How can I be Reunited With my Child in an Emergency?

  • Students will be kept in school or at another shelter site until it is safe to release them. If a normal bus dismissal is not possible you will be asked to pick up your child. The reunification site and the time when you can meet your child will be communicated. Make sure to monitor all communications from the District.
  • When you go to the reunification site, bring a picture I.D. (e.g., driver’s license, passport, etc.) and check in with school officials.
  • Students will be released to guardians or emergency contacts who have acceptable identification and who are named in the student information database. If a listed contact cannot pick up a child, the child will remain at the reunification site until confirmation to release the child can be received from a listed contact. MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD’S CONTACT INFORMATION IS UP TO DATE!


What Should Parents do Following an Emergency at School?

  • Listen to and acknowledge your child’s feelings and concerns.
  • Provide reassurance to your child that they are safe and that school is safe.
  • Seek help from school personnel or a mental health professional if needed.

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