1/15/21 NPSD Board of School Directors

NPSD Elected Board of School Directors: Statement on National Crisis
Posted on 01/15/2021
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Our country is in crisis, we cannot underestimate the severity of the problem. Last week, we witnessed baseless political rhetoric culminate in a deadly insurrection. We are facing challenges as impeachment proceeds and the peaceful transition of power is threatened with more violence. This is one of the most consequential moments in our nation’s history.

Yet, we must not panic. We need to face the divisions in our country and draw upon the strength of the American ideal that resides in all of us across the North Penn community. Decency, respect and empathy allow us to center our actions as adults setting examples for our children. Speak with your children, help them understand the principles of peaceful expression and civility. Our children need reassurance that they are being listened to, and we must allow them to express emotions they may be too distressed to articulate.

With the wonderfully diverse perspectives that our community offers, we can unite and build a consensus that strengthens democracy. At this pivotal time, let us return the humanity back to the center of public discourse and actions. We need to increase civil dialog, and in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., civic involvement.

The North Penn school board has faced many challenges this year, and with it, an array of passionate opinions from many sides. We embrace this discourse because it increases community engagement, which is how democracy thrives. While we will not always see eye to eye on a solution, we must agree that civility is a necessary ingredient to deliberation if we genuinely want to solve problems and advance our shared goals as a community.

Fostering this involvement means that we must support efforts to deliver fair-funded, equitable public education across all of Pennsylvania so our state is no longer at the bottom of the nation in public education funding. A generation that lacks access to quality schools and educators is denied the chance to build critical thinking skills and becomes ripe for manipulation. As patriot Thomas Paine wrote: Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.

We must empower public education to grow in future generations the foundation of robust civil discourse in the interest of preserving our democracy. At the most local level of government, Americans can make the greatest impact. In this spirit, we are proud that the North Penn community leads and doesn’t follow. The nation will get through this crisis. Our vibrant, dedicated community can advance the healing — leading by example, as we do with our children.

Tina Stoll
Christian Fusco
Jonathan Kassa
Juliane Ramić
Dr. Elisha Gee
Tim MacBain
Dr. Wanda Lewis-Campbell
Cathy Wesley
Al Roesch